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Why Us?

VAGUS offers services like Tummy Tuck and internationally standardized Laser Technology that grooms you to your best. The advanced technologies that we offer bring out the long forgotten you, outside.

The Grooming Treatments that we offer include:

VAGUS Tummy Tuck

Abdomenoplasty or Tummy Tuck is the best option to get rid of that extra skin sagging around your belly. The procedure is simple and effective. It not only gets rid of that extra skin but also makes your tummy as per proportion to the rest of your body. At VAGUS we offer you expert Tummy Tuck under highly qualified aesthetic surgeons and the results are visible as you go on your routine life.

VAGUS Laser Liposuction

People with normal weight and body type could experience large deposits of fats at any place in their body. These deposits could be at any place in the body like the double chins, the hips, the abdomen, the thighs or arms. VAGUS Liposuction removes these extra bits to bring out what could truly be called an aesthetic miracle. The risk free VAGUS Liposuction utilizes latest Laser Lipolysis technology that makes your looks younger in no time.

We know what's right for your LOOKS!

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