Cosmetic Surgery in Islamabad

Do you feel you can look better?

After seeing the mirror you feel unsatisfied with the way you look?

The question keeps coming to your mind constantly. It’s been a common myth that people adore the beauty. Everyone in their dream strives for the perfect ideal look.

In Vagus Cosmetic, Islamabad, Pakistan we provide cosmetic surgery solutions that revives your natural beauty. The cosmetic surgery incorporates the procedure and techniques that will enhance the natural features.

Cosmetic surgery is used to restore the aesthetic and the symmetrical appeal to beautify the appearance. For us, to reshape is revitalized.

Vagus Cosmetic in Pakistan offers a wide range of treatment for the enactment of your aesthetic needs. We offer:

Cosmetic surgery is the technological and no side effects surgical solution for those who pursue beauty. “Just the way you are” concept with modern technology get an advance and turned to “do something to improve”. Cosmetic surgery is the procedure in which people undergo, not for others but for themselves. It will not solve your life problem and turned into someone less but this will give a fresh look within you.

The aesthetic solution will not only gives a flavor to your beauty ,but also increases the worth of self being.The cosmetic surgery gives the pleasure to many and boost the confidence of those who are shy and conscious because of their features and body shape.

“Make a choice and achieve the ideal look”


Your facial features desired the attention. No matter how fancy your other features are if your nose shape doesn’t have the rightness, then surely it will haul the attraction. Nose reshaping is a surgery in which reconstruction and reformation of the nose are done to improvise the nose shape.

Liposuction in Pakistan

Liposuction is also the fat removal procedure form the body parts or you can call contouring process. Many people have overall charming physical posture, but in some area they have excess fat like in their thighs, buttocks. Abdomen, upper arms and neck, etc. The procedure removes the fats between the skin and muscles by tucking a stainless tube which connected from a suction pump to suck excess fats.

Tummy Tuck

The physical shape describes “how healthy you are”. Having a tummy not only endorse an unhealthy lifestyle, but it shredded your appearance as well. In the abdomen area the excess fat and skin generates (because of any reasons) which turned into a thick tummy. Tummy tuck is a procedure of removing extra fats and skin to make the abdomen thinner. It flattens the abdomen area and tightens the skin.

Breast Reshaping

The breast reshaping is a surgery procedure which is used to revoke the appearance of the bust line to make them firm and fuller. It’s mostly done in the very time of breast augmentation (fats; increasing surgery) which provides firmness and uplift. This procedure will enhance the features which attribute to provide satisfaction and an enchanting look which compliment patient figure.