Why you need Transplant?

Best and cheap hair Transplant in Islamabad Pakistan:

Do you miss your hair?

Are you feeling you are balding always?

Do you feel you can not support those messy spikes and that sleek Godfather look?

The auspicious answer in short will be “find a way get your hair back “

Vagus Cosmetics located in Islamabad, Pakistan provides best hair transplant on cheap rate. Vagus offer more than just hairs. Vagus Cosmetics, Hair Transplant offer you a new and better look that can make your life turn around in no time. Vagus Cosmetics offer cheap and best Hair replacement solutions which are incomparable in the market. Furthermore, in Pakistan, due to the topography and low economy the surgical method of Hair transplant is cheaper other than many countries around the globe, especially Vagus Cosmetic provides quality with cheap rates even in Pakistan.

Hairs are the most important part of our personality. Hair transplant is a surgery that gives your permanent baldness or hair loss solution. In Vagus Cosmetics, our experienced who had done 100% successful surgery will gratify you with the best hair transplant in Islamabad, Pakistan. The surgery will surely make you feel pleased because the hairs that has been transplanted would give you a natural look and the transplanted hairs life are permanent. It’s been a common presumption that men are advent to the balding regardless of the fact that women also suffer from the hair loss and bald patches.Vagus cosmetics, provides services to each of the members of society whether it’s women or man
Hair transplant is a simple surgical process in which hair follicles (cells which grow hairs) are collected from the sides of the ear and back of the head called the donor area (the area from which hairs are taken) and move them to the recipient area (the area which requires hair). Basically, in this process hair grafts (thin tissues) move to areas which suffer from balding or thin hairs.
Guaranteed best results that make you look younger and stylish in no time. Vagus Cosmetics provide 24/7 customer support for Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Pakistan.

The Hair Transplant technique used in Vagus is:

FUE Hair Transplant:

FUE is a procedure of collecting hair from roots one by one from the area between the ears and back of the head which we termed as the donor area . These grafts are then incised into the balding area, with the higher productivity. This procedure is beneficial because it gives no scars and no pain.

FUT Hair Transplant:

FUT has also been practiced for hair restoration. It’s a simple surgical procedure where a surgeon removes hair’s from the back or side of the head and then divided into several graft as required; places in to build or where the hair is thin. Both methods are highly advanced and cause no harm.

IFI (Irfan Follicular Implant):
IFI is the procedure of hair transplant, originated by our surgeon Dr. Rana Irfan. In IFI techniques strip of hair is removed from the donor area by an instrument called skin separator. This instrument is used to separate the skin by pushing it from both sides which create skin laxity. Then the strip of hair follicle/grafts are harvested and eventually placed in the bald area.

Afterwards the surgery, using any of the above techniques the new hair will start appearing after 2-3 month periods. The hair transplant provides you the look; that has been visualized by you many times when you are facing hair loss or getting bald. This simple surgical procedure gives you much for the whole life and takes a little of your money.

When to seek surgery:

• Having a massive hair fall.
• Balding patches showing skin.
• Hair falls become resistant against medication (if taking any drugs to stop hair fall)
• Any medical condition that suppresses the production of hair growth.

Hair transplant is executed by giving local anesthesia. Afterwards hair transplant patients can easily resume their daily lifestyles.The hairs that have been transplanted in your balding area permanent hair, and these hairs will grow in the very time your actual hair grows.

In Vagus cosmetics we welcome those patients as well who had been unsatisfied from their previous hair transplant surgery. Both procedures of Hair transplant FUE or FUT are available for the surgery; accordingly the patient’s condition.

Our motto is simple:

"If You Look Good, We Look Good!"
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Before and After results
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