Comparison F.U.E and F.U.T

Vagus Cosmetics Hair Transplant Centre is Pakistan's First and Technically advanced centre. At VAGUS cosmetics and hair transplant we utilize state of the Art methods to revitalize your hair life and to enhance your looks in the most comfortable of ways. Hair Transplant in Islamabad is not considered the easiest of surgeries. You should realize that the revolutionary procedures we imply are evidently painless and have marvelous results in no time.

Vagus hair transplant, imply on the three techniques at the moment:
F.U.T & I.F.I Hair Transplant Procedure
F.U.E Hair Transplant Procedure

4-5 Hours Procedure timing

6-8 Hours Procedure timing

Strip Cutting

No Cutting


No Stitches

Pain usually Tolerable/ Bearable

No Pain

Scars may be seen

No Scars

Rest for 24/48/72 hrs

No Rest advised

Next day shampoo

Next day shampoo

Next day Office

Next day Office

Comparatively Cheaper


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At VAGUS hair transplant we utilize state of the Art methods to revitalize your hair...
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