Best and Cheap FUE Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Pakistan

Vagus Cosmetics Hair Transplant Centre is Pakistan's First and Technically advanced centre. At VAGUS cosmetics we offer best and cheap FUE Hair Transplant that utilizes state of the Art methods to revitalize your hair life and to enhance your looks in the most comfortable ways. Follicular unit provides the best and natural look and great results.

Follicular Unit Extraction [F.U.E] :

Follicular Unit Extraction is a hair transplant procedure. In this procedure hair follicle are collected from the donor area (where hairs are extracted from) one by one. The follicular unit is collected from where the hair productivity is high and then placed into the recipient area (where hairs are incise).

In FUE Hair Transplant method a follicle is extracted individually rather than strip collecting. In this method follicular is collected directly from the donor are leaving a tiny hole. A spherical tool is used to create a cut in a spherical manner from which a hair follicle is extracted and this incision separated the follicular unit (The cell which produces hair) from the other closes grafts.

Vagus Cosmetics is the NO.1 Hair Transplant clinic in Islamabad, Pakistan. FUE Hair Transplant is the modernized techniques that we have been using for many years in Vagus cosmetics. Under this method we performed various surgeries which have provided 100% result.In Pakistan FUE techniques has been practiced in Vagus Cosmetics even when many doctors are not even aware of this hair transplant technique.

Procedure of FUE Hair Transplant

The patient donor area has been injected with local anesthesia. The anesthesia is subjected to avoid pain.
Hairs are usually in groups of 1, 2, 3 or 4. A microscopic instrument is used to collect follicular unit individually.usually large groups is extracted during FUE which atleast have 3 hairs per group.
Before putting these grafts in the recipient area; these grafts are put in platelet rich plasma (PRP) to keep the life of hairs lasting.
The anesthesia is also given to the recipient area to make it numb and pain free.
Microscopic needle is used to incise in the recipient area where then grafts are placed.
The time of FUE will depend on how many grafts are incised.

Benefits of FUE Hair Transplant:

The FUE have certain benefits

  ⇒ No scars
  ⇒ Zero side effects
  ⇒ Only FUE technique can be repeated after a month
  ⇒ No bleeding
  ⇒ Early healing
  ⇒ No wastage
  ⇒ Most importantly, no Pain

FUE Hair Transplant comparison with FUT Hair Transplant

  ⇒Both techniques are extremely different from one another. The hair follicle collected from the scalp one by one in FUE while in FUT the hair follicles is removed in the form of strips.
  ⇒In FUE the scars are like dots, while in FUT the stitches are very advent.
  ⇒In FUE patients can have short hair and even can shave them off, while in FUT patient have to contain long hairs in order to hide the stitch scars.

Why Choose FUE for Hair Transplant

  ⇒FUE hair transplant in which hairs are collected from the donor area one by one it will not leave any linear scars.
  ⇒It will used to restore hairs in any part of the body.
  ⇒In this method individual grafts are removed rather than the strips.
  ⇒In this technique no blood loss, no pain or no scars that would be surely the reason of selecting FUE other than any hair transplantation procedure.
  ⇒This procedure will provide healing and an individual can easily resume their lifestyle.
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