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The follicular unit transplantation is a procedure in which follicular units are removed from the donor area (from hairs are taken from central most 6cm of back of the head, which is permanent area) in a form of strip this is also called strip method. The strips then is divided into individual follicular unit (grafts) and eventually are placed.

The width of the Hair strip is limited depending on the flexibility available at the back of the head. The length of the strip is from one ear to the other depending on the circumference of the head. In conventional methods the hair transplant is done by putting two parallel cuts in upper two layers of skin in the central most part of the back of the head, which is about 20-25cms long and 1.0 to 2.00cms wide depending on the Flexibility/Laxity available at the back of the head.

Procedure of FUT Hair Transplant:

  ⇒Local anesthesia (lidocain) is given in the donor area.
  ⇒A strip is harvested from the donor area and the donor area is then closed by a method called trichophytic closure to produce invisible scar in the donor area.
  ⇒ Then this strip is divided into small pieces (slivers) under a stereo microscope to avoid wastage of follicular units/ grafts.
  ⇒ These slivers (pieces of strips) are divided into individual follicular units having 1,2,3 or 4 hairs in each follicular unit.
  ⇒These follicular units are then stored into a storage solution of PRP (platelet rich plasma).
  ⇒ Now the recipient area will be prepared by infiltrating local anesthesia and normal saline water.
  ⇒ The doctor makes microscopic slits (a tiny cut) in natural angle and direction of the existing hair with microscopic needle.
  ⇒Ultimately, in these slits follicular units are placed.
  ⇒In one session approximately 4000 grafts can be implemented.
  ⇒The patient can drive safely to home just after the procedure is completed and at our clinic no rested advice; you can shampoo your head on the very next day.

Benefits of FUT Hair Transplant:

  ⇒The big bald area(BBA) can be covered in very few sittings.
  ⇒Low (transaction rate) wastages of follicular units
  ⇒Only 4-5 hours are needed to complete the whole procedure. However, it depends solely on your technical team and equipment at our office. We have fully trained and professional team for hair transplant professional
  ⇒The procedure of FUT is cost effective and affordable to most of the population.
  ⇒You can have long hair transplantation and can comb your hair after the procedure.
  ⇒Don’t have to shave your head off as in FUT.
  ⇒In advance method has been possible to transplant 3500 grafts in a single sittings.
  ⇒ The hair grafts damages become minimized in the donor area because it gets closely inspected under microscope before harvesting them in the recipient area.
  ⇒The recipient area, hair growth provides pleasant result after the transplantation .
  ⇒The surgery doesn’t require much labor , and the cost is low in contrast with FUE.
  ⇒Its gives cuts and stitches, but the density of hair; which the person have after one setting is worth the pain.


In FUT there are certain risks that are given as follows:
  ⇒Stitches cuts and scars in the donor area are major disadvantages of the FUT (follicular unit transplant).
  ⇒More wastage of follicular unit in case of untrained staff or doctors while giving two blind cuts of 25/27 cms long in strip harvesting.
  ⇒Non availability of good equipment can cause damage in sliver stage and graft cutting stage as well
  ⇒If the follicles are little bit damaged, then the growth of hair can be affected.
  ⇒Infections can accumulate, but antibiotics are prescribed by the surgeon to ablate the infections.
  ⇒The surgeon will try to hide scarring as much as possible, but there would be chances that it will appear
  ⇒The Healing process can be slow but it varies from person to person
  ⇒Yet in some cases which is very rare darkening (hyper pigmentation) which is very rare.


If your doctor gives two blind cuts when the hairs are not in one direction, he can cut more than 600 roots in uppercut and the same number of roots at the lower lip. The method wastes more than 1200 roots right away.

FUT is the techniques that have been practiced by highly professional surgeon which delicately handles the hair grafts and try to subdue the loss of hair grafts in the donor area. In strip method no matter how professionally a surgeon treats, the hair loss in the donor area can be minimized, but there would be a little loss of hair grafts. The harvesting of hair in strip method is satisfying because it covered the area of large area of baldness.Risks are involved in this procedure,but if it’s treated by a surgeon like Dr Rana Irfan than surely the risk ratio become extremely low.

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