Best and Cheap IFI Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Pakistan

The Irfan’s follicular implant is the hair transplantation procedure which is originated by our surgeon DR. Rana Irfan which is quite cheap and provide best result . This technique is somehow similar to FUT technique but is more precisely designed to save the donor area.

I.F.I latest procedure of hair transplant:

  ⇒  In I.F.I (Irfan follicular implant), the procedure of harvesting the donor area (the area from which hairs are taken out) in a form of strip is same.
  ⇒   In IFI procedure the strip is separated by an instrument called skin separator (Haber’s separator can also be used for this purpose).
  ⇒  This separator will separate the skin rather than generating two deep cuts in the donor area like FUT in which huge wastage embarks.
  ⇒  By using the separator we save the wastage of 1600 hair grafts which happened in FUT, and this is a big save.
  ⇒  The skin separator basically push the skin from both sides in the back of the head, which enhances the laxity in the skin that eventually decreases the tightness of skin in the donor area.
  ⇒  In surgery, where there is a stretch there is a pain. Due to the reduction in stretch in the donor closure, the pain also gets decreased after surgery.
  ⇒  More than 90% scars usually appears because of the tension on the closure side.
  ⇒ In I.F.I the tension in the donor area is very low; which reduces the scar formation in accordance with FUT.

Difference between I.F.I and F.U.T procedure:

The most common differences between IFI and FUT are given as follows:

  ⇒  In IFI, surgeon in the donor area separates the skin rather than giving parallel cuts in FUT.
  ⇒  The loss of hair grafts is extremely low in the donor area in the IFI, while in FUT many hair grafts are wasted.
  ⇒  In both procedures you get scars, but the visibility and length of scars are minor in the IFI than FUT.
  ⇒  The hair density in IFI is higher in contrast to FUT.

Benefits of I.F.I Hair Transplant:

  ⇒  In this method, it is estimated that low wastage of hair grafts happens.
  ⇒  IFI is cheap and best hair transplant because it gives far more better result in comparssion with other hair transplant.
  ⇒  This procedure provides a wide range of hair to cover the baldness in a single session of hair transplant.
  ⇒  IFI provides non visible scars, which is compressed in width.
  ⇒  The IFI technique is not very painful, due to the reduction of tightness in the closing of the donor area.
  ⇒  Patients get far more satisfactory result in accordance with other hair transplantation procedures.

Grafts Measurement

The IFI technique uses strip method, but with certain advances in the techniques of collecting hair grafts from the donor area. The estimated length of the strip and the number of hair grafts used in these techniques are given as follows:

Length of the strip:                      ”25 CM”

Width of the strip:                      ”1.5 CM”

Total area to be harvested:           25x 1.5 =37.5 CM

Number of Grafts per square CM:            ”100″

Estimated number of grafts:       37.5x100 =”3,750″

harvested graft measurements

Why choose I.F.I for surgery

  ⇒  In this procedure, there are no cuts,but the strip is separated by a separator to retain the stretch which will provide skin laxity in the donor area.
  ⇒  It saves your hair grafts from wasting, which will provide you donor reserves in case of another surgery.
  ⇒  Almost invisible scar which can be hidden easily.
  ⇒  No parallel cuts, but a skin separator will separate the skin from where the hair grafts can be easily harvested from the donor area.
  ⇒  The stretch in closure area is minimized, the pain is minimized in this technique.

The technology revokes itself with each passing day similarly the medical procedures and techniques are gettings advanced which surely is beneficial for the patients. These innovations in the medical field are emerging to provide better results and in order to decrease the sufferings which a person endures during the procedures. IFI is an innovation in Hair Transplant procedures to give patients best results and to prevent patients from painful methods.
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