Vagus Cosmetics Hair Transplant Centre is Pakistan's First and Technically advanced centre. At VAGUS cosmetics and hair transplant we utilize state of the Art methods to revitalize your hair life and to enhance your looks in the most comfortable of ways. Hair Transplant in Islamabad is not considered the easiest of surgeries. You should realize that the revolutionary procedures we imply are evidently painless and have marvelous results in no time.

Vagus hair transplant, imply on the three techniques at the moment:

3- F.U.E Follicular Unit Extraction:

Follicular Unit Extraction in this method of Hair Transplant. We extract Individual Follicles Instead of cutting the strip.FUE or the FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION hair transplant is the new kid on the block!

As the strip hair transplant method fades away, FUE hair tranplant methodis coming in with a bang. Over 90% 0f the people prefer FUE. In FUE the hair are taken one by one from the back of the head and transplanted one by one on the bald area.

- Dr Rana Irfan is considered to be the pioneers in this method of Hair Transplant in Pakistan.
- Dr Rana Irfan started this procedure in 2006 and in Pakistan F.U.E Hair Transplant became popular in 2010-2011.
The major aspects that make FUE stand out include:

  ⇒ No cutting!
  ⇒ No stiches!
  ⇒ No bleeding!
  ⇒ Early healing!
  ⇒ No Wastage
  ⇒ and most importantly NO PAIN!

-F.U.T Follicular Unit Transplant (Strip method):

Follicular Unit Transplant commonly called (Strip method). The Strip hair transplant method takes hair from the back of the head (Donor Area) in the form of a strip.

The width of the Hair strip is limited depending on the flexibility available at the back of the head. The length of the strip is from one ear to the other depending on the circumference of the head. In conventional methods the hair transplant is done by putting two cuts in upper two layers of skin in central most part of back of the head which is about 20-25cms long and 1.0 to 2.00cms wide depending on the Flexibility/Laxity available at back of the head. Stitches are applied to close this area. This strip is divided into individual Follicles/grafts. Eventually transplanted into the recipient areas.

Drawback: If your doctor gives two blind cuts when the hairs are not in one direction, he can cut more than 600 roots in upper cut and the same number of roots at the lower lip. The method wastes more than 1200 roots right away.

2- I.F.I Irfan's Follicular Implants:

Irfan's Follicular Implants purely designed by Dr Rana Irfan for safety of Donor area.In this the strip is separated instead of cutting it. This strip is separated by blade belly's to retain the Laxity, Flexibility.At VAGUS We do not cut the strip in conventional mode, we separate the skin with separator and the technique does not waste a single root. Afterwards the strip is divided into the slivers and then into grafts of single, two and three roots under the microscope.

Remember we do all of this with ZERO ROOT WASTAGE.


F.U.T I.F.I F.U.E 4-5 Hours 6-8 Hours Strip Cutting No Cutting Stitches No Stitches Pain usually Tolerable/ Bearable No Pain Scars may be seen No Scars Rest for 24/48/72 hrs No Rest advised Next day shampoo Next day shampoo Next day Office Next day Office Comparatively Cheaper Expensive
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At VAGUS hair transplant we utilize state of the Art methods to revitalize your hair...
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