Patient Stories

When it comes to Hair transplant in Pakistan, VAGUS offers some interesting experiences with similarly amazing results. The reason is simple; VAGUS Hair Transplant treat you with the best technologies in the market that suit your style. But don't take our word for it, Listen to what our customers have to say!

When you move around in Business Community, it is not always easy to survive without a pleasant personality. If your work area is Islamabad, it makes all the most difficult to impress people with your personality. A thinning hairline for me was a thinning business prospect and fewer clients to deal with. If you cannot convince them with your personality, there is no other way to do so. VAGUS Hair Transplant offered me and my business a new boost with this fine Hair Transplant. Results were quick and great and most importantly these are my very own natural Hair. Thank You VAGUS Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Pakistan God Bless You Dr. Irfan.

~ Waqas Tanoli ~

I never took any extra care of my Hair, maybe I did not knew that it could ever go away. My surprise was that none in my family had a bald spot or a receding hairline. I always thought it is not easy for a Professor to roam around with a wig or trying new oils and options. For me VAGUS Hair Transplant offered a unique and graceful solution for my Hair Transplant. It did not take a long, painful procedure that could not be handled. All it took was a week and here I was. The Hair started to grow soon afterwards and now my growth is right in front of you. I am no style icon but I do know that what Dr. Rana did for me was to offer me a Graceful personality. I recommend VAGUS Hair Transplant and Dr. Rana Irfan with personal experience.

~ Tariq Ilyas ~

When I first met Dr. Irfan at VAGUS Cosmetics and Hair Transplant, I was devastated. Being Bald in your early thirties is not an ideal situation to be in. Your friends make fun of you. The spouse feels embarrassed about you and you lose your confidence along with your Hair. For a sales Person, if you are not convincing enough with a balanced personality, you are no good. Dr. Irfan gave me hope. His latest FUE technique was inspiring as well effective. It started with a slowly built Hairline and grew into a head full of Hair. MY confidence is back, my hopes high and now if a friend mocks around with me I just laugh my heart out as balding is not an issue anymore. My choice has been VAGUS Hair Transplant and I am completely satisfied with the services.I recommend them for Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Pakistan

~ Mr. Zahid ~