Liposuction in Pakistan

Sagging fats of your body makes you look embarrassed?

You can’t wear clothes which are body fittest?

The sagging, flabby parts of the body are the common problem that has affected many people. The strict diet schedules or exercise, no matter whatever they try will not give them the desire figure. The deposit fats in their body parts make the figure disproportion which affects their personality. Mostly people who have normal body, but have excess fats in a certain area, are the one who is unresponsive to diet or exercise. The overall body figure is maintained, but the excess fats in any area make them uncomfortable and conscious.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure to remove the excess fats from the body. The procedure enhances a person’s personality by giving them desired figure. This procedure helps a person to remove those sagging, flabby and unresponsive fats, which are resistant to any other technique.


Liposuction in Pakistan at Vagus Cosmetics has done frequently to treat the excess fats resides in the Abdomen, Thighs, Neck, Double Chin, Cheeks, Buttock, Hips, and Breast.

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In Vagus Cosmetics, Our qualified surgeon is doing cheap and best surgeries of liposuction in Islamabad, Pakistan with the same method that has been practiced in any other developed country. We have a highly professional team who are eligible to make people rid of those saggy body fats that become a dark spot in their figure appearance.

Procedure of Liposuction:

Liposuction removes the fats and improved the cellulite’s of the body. The procedure of liposuction in Pakistan in our clinic Vagus Cosmetics, is simple and minimally invasive.
The patient is subjected to anaesthesia it can local or general depend on what the surgeon would recommend. The anaesthesia helps to reduce the bleeding and the trauma. The area is first incised than a Hollow Tube or Cannula is inserted in the incision area. The hollow tube is attached to the Suction or Vacuum to dislodge the fats from the incised area. After the suction the fats are removed from the desired area, a person will take a certain time to get over the swelling and then they become variant to see the beautiful change occurs in their body.

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Benefits of Liposuction in Pakistan:

The liposuction is not alternative of weight loss. The deposit fats that lies underneath the skin can be removed by the procedure of liposuction. The procedure not only substitute to satisfy the person physically, but mentally as well.

The surgery of liposuction in Pakistan, in contrast with many other countries proves to be more beneficial. The benefits of having surgery in Pakistan are given as follows:

  • In Pakistan liposuction procedure is comparatively cheap to any other countries.

  • According to our rough estimation 70% people turn to Pakistan for having surgeries because the standard procedure of the procedure remains same but the price is cheap.

  • The climate of Pakistan is best for the surgery procedure because in this climate the risk of having infections and allergies is 0%.

  •  Pakistan surgeon’s provides the same standard and quality of surgical procedure due to the fact that they are highly qualified and obtain a foreign education and trainings; so the practices and procedure are relatively similar to any other foreign surgeon.

  •  It removes the deposit fat from the resistant part with a highly sterilized instrument that we import from abroad.

  • It reduces the fats and improved the appearance of cellulite.

  • The health overall get improved due to the reduction in fats

  •  It changes the physical posture and enhances the attractiveness in your personality and changes other person’s perspective towards you.

  • It gives self satisfaction and boost the confidence.

  • Body fit clothes can be easily worn without being conscious.


Cosmetic surgery is the technological and no side effects surgical solution for those who pursue beauty. “Just the way you are” concept with modern technology get an advance and turned to “do something to improve”. Cosmetic surgery is the procedure in which people undergo, not for others but for themselves. It will not solve your life problem and turned into someone less but this will give a fresh look within you.

The aesthetic solution will not only gives a flavour to your beauty, but also increases the worth of self being. The cosmetic surgery gives the pleasure to many and boost the confidence of those who are shy and conscious because of their features and body shape.

The technology has evolved and a find a way to remove the body sagging,even Liposuction in Pakistan has turned to remove the flabby parts of the skin which cause the bulkiness in the overall fitness of the body.

“Make a choice and achieve the ideal look”

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Liposuction in Pakistan

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