Have you always been conscious of your inappropriate nose?

Your nose shape is not complimenting your facial features?

The Nose is the most prominent feature in the human face. It makes us unique as per its central placement and provides symmetry to the face. The Nose is the only organ that enhances the other facial features. The perfect facial features possess the ability to attract. Not everyone is blessed with such a detailed perfection naturally.

Fortunately the nose reshaping can be done with the medical procedure termed as Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping in Pakistan at our clinic Vagus Cosmetics. Rhinoplasty (Tip Plasty, Reduction Plasty ,Augmentation Plasty or closed Rhinoplasty) can be done to improvise the shape of the nose. It has been seen that an individual observe the first feature in someone is the nose, if that has flaws, it wouldn’t be possible to grab the attention; no matter how good other features are. Around the world, even in Pakistan Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping is  gaining popularity to revive and improve the dominant feature , the nose abnormality.


Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping in Pakistan or all over the world are practiced for two apparent reasons:

  • To improvise the nose shape, size and angle to balance the proportion with the rest of your face.
  • To improvise the structure of the nose that causes breathing problems.

Many people who are advent to have bumps, long and wide or any abnormality in their nose; turned for the Rhinoplasty or reshaping surgery to improve their nose structure. The surgery of Rhinoplasty at Vagus Cosmetics Pakistan has been done to enhance the features and  readjust shape of the nose. The surgery module framework of the nose and gives the facial features an absolute captivating look.



The Rhinoplasty surgery can provide some specific changes needed by the clients are given as follows:

  • The  Nose can be resized in accordance with the facial features.
  • The tip or bridge of the nose can be changed.
  • The span of the nostril can be narrowed.
  • The space between the upper lips and nose can be changed.
  •  In medical condition it reshapes the structure to improve the breathing process as well.

Nose reshaping in Vagus can allusively alter the image of personality by giving their nose a perfect size, shape or structure. The harmony of the face can be attained by alteration of the nose. The appearance not only get drastically pleasing, but also the simple change in feature; attributes to change the perspective of others towards you. Any flaw of the nose hauls the beauty of the face so it’s better to seek the nose reshaping surgery to improve the way you look.

In Vagus cosmetic the reshaping of the nose is done in the desired shape. Our expert of Rhinoplasty in Pakistan contributes to achieving the best result from the surgery. The method through which reshaping is done in Vagus are given:

The surgery starts with separating the skin from the bone or cartilage. The cartilage or bone, then turned into a desired shape by the technique your surgeon has decided to achieve  the desired results . After shaping of cartilage, the skin is placed over the framework.There wouldn’t be any scars appeared due to the fact; that the nose reshaping procedure is basically altered internally(closed Rhinoplasty)


The benefits of Rhinoplasty or reshaping of the nose are given as follows:

  • The nose reshaping can improve your nose shape which enhance your facial features more.
  • The problems which occur during breathing can be resolved.
  • The nose is the most important part that enlightens your facial feature. If the shape of nose complements the face then surely you look far more attractive.


Rhinoplasty surgery is done for aesthetic need and due to any medical condition. The professional team of  nose reshaping surgery in Vagus cosmetics will  give you all the detail of the procedure. They understand the desires of a client what changes they want in their nose. Every detail of the procedure can be elusively defined by our expert and describe the client what the result should be expected after the surgery without any fabrication. It’s better to remember that nose reshaping will not provide the perfect ideal nose, but it gives what suits you. It would be better to discuss before the surgery that what result you are expecting from the surgery. Infact, the bigger deformity in the nose, bigger would be the change after the surgery.

  • The best candidate for the Rhinoplasty surgery, is the one who looks for the  improvement not for perfection. The surgery can make your appearance better and gives the self esteem a boost. If you have good health , good psychological condition and you have realistic expectations of the nose job; then surely you are the best candidate for the surgery.

Rhinoplasty or nose job is a very common procedure which is not only done because of any medical reason, but this procedure is popular for the improvisation of the facial feature. It’s a cosmetic solution to enhance the features of the face. Rhinoplasty result can be dominant  or minor regarding the fact that what change you want or what correction you needed. The surgery result is permanent unless other factors like any kind of injury demolished  the framework of the nose. In the face, nose is the prominent feature if it’s not shaped in a correct way ,it will disturb the appearance and disrupt the attractive feature you have, so it’s better to improve the look with the nose job and be happy for the life time.