PRP Facial Treatment

Natural  PRP Skin Facial

Wish for the baby soft skin?

Want to reverse all the damages that affects the skin involved deep lines, frowns, sagging skin, scars?

Thrive for the glowing and Vibrant skin?

Finally, there is a solution that gives “all in ONE” solution. No need to blow your mind in variety of cosmetic procedure just get PRP skin facial; fix all your skin issues.

Vagus Glowing PRP Facial:

PRP seems like a normal facial which costs low but has an immense ability to rejuvenate and tighten the skin from the natural method.

Why we Called it a “Natural treatment“:

In PRP, we used your own blood healing substance PLASMA  and used it on your skin, to stimulate the production of healthy tissue, recover the tissues and to get back the  soft and smooth texture. PRP is now serving as the cutting edge considerably when it comes to regenerative skin therapies.

How Vagus Glowing PRP Facial Works:

PRP develops the rejuvenation and tightening effect on your skin. In PRP;  from your own blood the rich plasma is taken out which stimulate the collagen and recover the skin texture, tone, thickness, color and elasticity. Medically plasma is used for centuries; for the healing purpose. The plasma stimulates  the skin collagen, which remodel themselves; in other words, the plasma vanishes those skin folds and make them smoother cultivates an enticing glow to the skin.

In this treatment, blood is taken in a special tube & then gets placed into a centrifuge machine which separates the blood & plasma. The plasma then subjected to the area on the skin of the face and neck. The PRP is subjected in the skin through injection and micro needling. When the plasma placed in the skin; this increase the stem cells response by the production of collagen cells termed as fibroblasts which functions to replace those tissues which damaged in the aging journey and replaced them with the skin that look refreshed.

How Vagus Glowing PRP Facial Perform:

Usually in this procedure, the traditional method of  injecting Plasma injects into the skin gives the best outcome. However, there are other methods depends on the dermatologist choice what they opt for and as well as patient preference.

The procedure can be performed by using by micro needling technique or simply the used of laser pen (dermal pen) can also do the job effectively.

Most people are afraid that; it may cause pain and bleeding, but we Vagus Team gives a guarantee that the bleeding and pain; totally depends on the techniques and experience of the professional. Feel safe in our hand; we  provide the best, without even causing mild uncomfortableness and the good news is that the whole procedure is free from any negative side effects.

 Vagus offer cost friendly treatment that revives the beauty. It’s is not the time taking procedure; only 3 sessions in Vagus is required, to get back the glowing skin.