Tummy Tuck Surgery in Pakistan

Have you felt embarrassed due to the sagging abdominal?

The sagging tummy is disturbing your appearance?

Are you tired of trying everything; from exercise to diet and still no result??

Tummy tuck is considered as the procedure to reshape the abdomen, which you have lost. It is a surgical procedure to bring back your taut and fit shape. This procedure is meant for abdominal contouring which you have failed to retrieve from weight loss and exercises. In medical terminology the tummy tuck procedure is known as Abdominoplasty. Many reasons are there for a saggy abdomen mostly are:

  • Heredity

  •  Multiple Pregnancy

  • Aging

  • Abrupt weigh losses

  • After a massive surgery


tummy tuck candidate

Nowadays, many people endorse heavy flab; they want to do something to remove the excess fat, but they find themselves too lazy for the implication of any exercise or diet or if they somehow maintain a schedule to get back their real posture, but they failed to follow it; he end result is the same their charming appearance got shattered due to the huge bulky stomach.

There are many causes, but we have very few solutions. No matter what the cause of the flabbiness is, the technology resolve the issue by introducing method tummy tuck.

In our clinic Vagus Cosmetics, we not only provide a solution to flatten the stomach, but consider to give yours aesthetic need; a glow by removing the flabbiness and giving flatness in the stomach by the procedure of tummy tuck in Islamabad, Pakistan. It can be combined with liposuction to improve overall result or can be practiced alone depending on the improvement what a patient needs.

The tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure, we somehow know the reason of having a large tummy in our body, or have an idea what factor causes the flabbiness but when it become irritating to carry a huge tummy, that would be the time to get rid of this.

Why to Consider a Tummy Tuck Surgery

The reasons for considering a tummy tuck surgery are:


  • If you are having fats bulk, loose skin and stretch marks in the abdominal area which is not responsive to any diet or exercise.

  • If the pregnancy and instability in weight disturb the shape of the body.

  • If the abdominal shape is not mentally acceptable to you

  • If the flabby stomach makes your self esteem shattered.

  • If the flabby stomach makes your self esteem shattered.


The professional team of the Vagus Cosmetics considers your needs of improvement and necessarily urges to give you the desired results. The results are spectacular of tummy tuck procedure. In cheap rates of tummy tuck procedure, we provide you the best quality.In addition to removal of excess fats, we help you in increasing your confidence level and self esteem .

The aesthetic need of personality intends you to go for the procedure.this is the duty of Our experts for at Vagus Cosmetics to make you understand every single detail about the procedure and technique they used to remove flabs and sagging in the abdomen.


Tummy tuck procedure is carried out by giving general/spinal anesthesia. In this procedure the surgeon will cut the abdominal skin to remove the excess fats and skin in the lower abdomen and across the belly button. After removal of the fats; the surgeon tightness the abdominal muscles, then extra skin is removed to give proper shape to the abdomen. Invisible Scars can appear after surgery,depending on the nature of skin along the bikini lines and surrounding of the belly button.

tummy tucks surgery


This reshaping of the abdomen can be permanent if the person makes sure to follow strict rules(proper diet and exercise) after the surgical procedure for the rest of life


The benefits of the tummy tuck procedure are given as follows:


  • The procedure affirmative concern is to flatten the abdomen.

  • For the removal of existing flabbiness and excess skin gives the desired body shaped

  • The smart tummy ultimately gives you an attractive look.

  • Brings satisfaction with the appearance which will surely enhance the self esteem.

  • This will not only tighten the loose and weak muscles in the abdomen area but also there will be possibility of improving the look of the stretch marks.


tummy tucks surgery

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