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Our aim is improving a person’s appearance by restoration of damaged areas of skin, removal of wrinkles or blemishes, etc.

Vagus Cosmetics is the hub of all cosmetic services provided in Islamabad, Pakistan. You can definitely name VAGUS as a one stop shop for all your aesthetic needs.

Our experience

What our clients say

Losing hair makes me self-conscious and stressful. Thank you Rana Irfan for an outstanding surgery that give my personality and life back to me . I’m very happy, the only bummer is that is takes a couple of months to see growth, but defiantly worth it.

Mr. Syed Waqar

Receding forehead and thin hair in the front was my biggest problem. The procedure of best FUE hair transplant is recommended to me. The surgery goes fantastic; I see my front hairline is getting better. Thanks to Dr Rana Irfan !!

Mr. Muhammad Khalid

I have become aged before the actual age; but after the hair transplant I feel young again . thankyou Vagus and especially Rana Irfan for making me happy !!

Mr. Irfan Bashir

I won’t lie my baldness simply shattered me and after the hair transplant I’ve got way more than what I lost . Thanku

Mr. Waqas Tanoli

I suffer from the front and crown thinning. After the surgery; my personality attractivenss came back and now when I see mirrors , I feel extremely pleased . There are no words to describe that how grateful I am to Dr Rana Irfan !!!

Mr. Shafique Malik

With the age you need to maintain yourself and specifically if you are on the Manager position. I always thought personality is the important trait , doesn’t matter which field you belong. Regards to Sir Rana which flourish my personality by giving me the hair transplant.

Mr. Saad Ullah

The hair transplant procedure IFI surgeon that Rana Irfan has done for me ; give the outstanding result. I look younger. Thanks for the great Job !! (should I mention that due to baldness ; I consider aged and most people rejected my proposal ???)

Mr. Abdul Mannan

I appreciate Rana Irfan; he is honest and very skilled surgeon and I am very happy with the outcome of hair transplant surgery. My hair look natural and that what I want from the surgery, thanks again !!

Mr. Tariq Mehmood Malik

“A crooked nose is not something you can live with, especially if you are a young professional woman. I always knew know it is as bad for my personality as my profession.

Sofia Kanwal
HR Professional